Virginia Barter Métis Filmmaker & Television Producer

Métis History

Display items include everything from traditional snowshoes, blankets, beaver hats, furs, beadwork, moccasins, animal skulls, sashes, 19th century antiques, costumes, historical posters, Métis historical time line, books, resources, etc. The full cultural display can be quite large, again depending on your needs and space availability. I usually set it up on four eight foot tables for schools, conferences and festivals.

This is also an effective display for professional development days and would include many educational resources and books that are not readily known to teachers here in Ontario.

[Note: For larger events, I can also arrange to have additional displays with re-enactors in costumes as pictured below. ]

Métis Quiz: One of the popular activities I do with the students is to give them a short quiz on Métis culture. I hand out the quiz, and they have 10-15 minutes to examine the displays and find the answers. This can vary depending on the extent of the displays and the age of the students. The basic quiz is designed to teach the symbols and important points of Métis history and culture. Generally, the quiz covers western Métis identity and themes. However, special themes can also be included relevant to Métis in Ontario and how it all links to families in other parts of Canada. Afterwards, I discuss the items in the display and tell stories, allowing time for Q & A.


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Student examines fur trade displays at J. G. Workman Public School, Scarborough. (Apr. 2012. ) VBarter