Virginia Barter Métis Filmmaker & Television Producer



HEARNE – Journey to the Northern Ocean – a short film (9 min. 24 sec.)  Filmed on  16 mm. 2010.

Written, produced and directed by Virginia Barter.

This film tells the story of the English explorer Samuel Hearne.  It’s an exciting drama of the French attack on Fort Prince of Wales (Churchill) in 1782.

View the HEARNE trailer on You Tube. ( or search “Hearne Trailer”)

HEARNE wins four awards  at the

Trebas International Student Film Festival . . .

Sept 8, 2010 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto.


BEST PICTURE; BEST MUSIC; BEST SOUND DESIGN; BEST ACTOR went to Stephen Cullen who played Samuel Hearne.

Special recognition goes to Alexis Marsh, Score orchestrator and producer, and to Daniel Zelenjakovic for sound design.


“There were a lot of submissions. Some of them were from University of Southern California; Hollins University in Virginia; Laguna College of Arts & Design, California; Simon Fraser University, B.C.; and the Prague Film School, Czech Republic.  This was my first film, so it was very exciting to win, considering the calibre of the competition.” – Virginia Barter


HEARNE showcased at the Lucerne International Film Festival 

 Oct 19-23, 2011.



(see HEARNE synopses page)