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Louis Riel Day themes

Louis Riel Day display

Louis Riel Day display at Fergus Highschool.


Métis Historical Events . . .  Every year, Canadians commemorate the death of Louis Riel on November 16th*.  I talk about the Battle of Batoche, the hanging of Louis Riel and the North-West Resistance of 1885.

The federal government designated 2010 “The Year of the Metis, to mark the 125th anniversary of this tragic event in Canadian history. So it is important to know and understand its impact on Métis people. I also use songs and ballads as a way to tell the stories.

(See famous fur trade stories in the Storytelling section as well.)

In my displays for this, I use four beautifully illustrated panels by Métis Artist Sherry Farrell Racette that depict the four periods of Métis history.  Also includes plenty of hands-on artifacts and items (see Métis History Display for more details).  An original painting of Louis Riel by Métis artist Dennis Weber, also adds handsomely to the display.

This presentation works well for all age groups and can be combined nicely with dance and music components.  (**See  Music and Dance section.)


This episode features activities and interviews with Métis youth, elders and leaders at the Louis Riel Day commemorative ceremonies at Queen’s Park event held by the  Métis Nation of Ontario.  Part 2 includes a feature interview with Giller Prize winning author, Joseph Boyden, about his his recent biography on Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. –

”  Riel – visionary or madman?”  Be part of the discussion!

URBAN ABORIGINAL - Louis Riel Day  Toronto 2011  Part 1
URBAN ABORIGINAL – Louis Riel Day Toronto 2011 Part 1
“This video clip is Part One of a Louis Riel Day story segment that was featured in Ep. 8 of URBAN ABORIGINAL. Metis Nation of Ontario citizen, Virginia Barter is the Community Producer and Host of the series. This segment is provided to the MNO courtesy of Virginia Barter and Rogers Tv Toronto. (All material Copyright Rogers Communications 2011.) About the series: URBAN ABORIGINAL is a television series celebrating the rich cultural diversity and creative talents of Aboriginal people in the City of Toronto. You’ll find features on First Nations, Metis and Inuit artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc., as well as the people and organizations behind the scenes that make things happen. To learn more visit:”


Louis Riel Day Toronto Part 2 - URBAN
Louis Riel Day Toronto Part 2 – URBAN ABORIGINAL
“Continuing from Part 1 on Louis Riel Day in Toronto, this segment includes interviews with Métis rights lawyer and Riel family descendant, Jean Teillet. Also Giller Prize winning author, Joseph Boyden talks about his new book “Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont.” Footage courtesy of Virginia Barter and Rogers TV Toronto. Copyright Rogers Communications 2011.”